North Melbourne FC

Following in the footsteps of the players who took part in 2016, 17 North Melbourne players wined and dined senior players and loyal members in order to show their appreciation.

The event took place at Brunswick’s staple venue, the Albert and Sydney. Here the participants followed a training regime almost as strenuous as their program in the AFL. Working with Head Chef, Jarrod Di Blasi of Ezard and the experienced YCK staff, the players had to work together to prove they could execute their front and back of house roles separately as well as seamlessly pull off a night of fine dining for the 70 Shinboners in attendance. From making coffees and cocktails, to preparing elegant plates to be presented, this challenging evening was an engaging and rewarding experience. And with a few new players in the team, it was a great way for these young Kangaroos to practice team building and bond at the same time.