Knight Frank

Knight Frank Directors wanted to surprise their clients with an experience out of the ordinary. Instead of just hosting a dinner, they decided to go all out and have some fun with the team at the same time.

15 Knight Frank participants worked with Head Chef, Matt Germanchis from Captain Moonlite and the staff of Your Corporate Kitchen in order to pull off the challenging task. It made for an amazing client experience as 45 of Knight Frank’s guests were treated to a day of fine dining at Melbourne’s heritage-listed venue, The Trust. The day event went off without a hitch as the participants worked together seamlessly, showed great leadership and managed to impress their clients with an unforgettable experience.

“The Knight Frank Bar Team did SUCH an incredible job! They all took great initiative, they had amazing teamwork, and good problem solving skills! Any changes that needed to be made they discussed as a team and they all took it seriously which was wonderful to see.”

YCK Bar Coach, Anna Hale